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we all know the official foundation date of Mathmos is 1963,

but anybody knows the exact date?


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No one?

Come on, with all the people with a lot of knowwledge here, I'm sure someone knows the answer...

I'd say its hard coz what do you see as intitial action? the date of the patent? the day the company was declared? or the day mr walker found this egg timer or whatever it was and decided to try and make this a lamp or hen the first prototype was done? did you ask mathmos? they sh/could know but they dont even know what lamps they used to make nowadays...cressida cranger would be the one to ask I'd say.

Good luck with asking Cressida or Mathmos ANYTHING really unhelpful bunch these days :-( 

I know...they dont seem to care anymore, but what other chances are there?

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