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I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. I've taken a Mathmos clear/white globe and used it exclusively in a China base. When I first got the globe - the wax was very white. Now however, it's safe to call it a clear/dirty white globe instead. My only theories being a) it picked up some contaminants (possibly from the coil) or b) the wax has somehow burned and discolored over time. I'm going with a bit of both since I can see particles of something floating around in the wax, yet the wax itself has definately discolored as well.

I take care of it - I don't beat it up. I'm thinking the china base or something is too hot or... I dunno. Any ideas? Is this normal? Still 1000x better than the crappy china lamps I bought - but it is a bit sad to see the color change...

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All white wax, will turn off white/yellow over time. It's normal.
Yes thats normal. So that´s the reason that you cannot order clear white astro bottles.
It's normal. I just got a few new telstar bottles in clear/white and they look soo different to the other ones I have that are only about 3 or 4 months old.

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