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Is there a list of colors that have been produced by Mathmos anywhere? I did a search but, well we all know how well the search works!


Did they ever make a green/green? or is the one I've just bought clear liquid that has picked up color from the wax?

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Thanks! I'm familiar with flowoflava, but there seems to be a lot on there that isn't easy to find or maybe isn't linked to from the main menu?

Here's the lamp in question, I haven't seen it in person yet but he assures me it is green/green and doesn't just look like that when its turned on.
So you think mine is supposed to be clear but picked up color from the wax?
Ok thanks, the guy swore to me it had always been green but i didn't think it was likely.

Is that page linked to from the menu? Its pages like that that keep appearing on here but I don't seem to be able to find just by browsing the site.
ah ok I see now thanks. I must admit I haven't looked at the pages for the later Marhmos stuff too closely, I mainly try to buy Crestworths so I've spent more time looking at those pages.

Since Mathmos color range is really limited right now (I spoke to them this week and they have 3 Astro colors in stock!) I figure buying Mathmos lamps is a good way to get some color options.
Thanks for the pic. The green on the pic of mine doesn't look quite right, which is why I was suspicious. Yours definately looks a purer green so I suspect you're right, mine is a faded blue.

I'll find out when I pick it up tomorrow, but as long as the flow is ok I'm happy with it either way. At half the price of a genuine Mathmos refil alone I can't complain. I might try to sun fade it a bit more to a clear/green.
You're right guys, I picked it up today and it is a blue/green as stated on the box (which wasn't listed on the auction so that was a nice surprise). But other than the color fade it's in mint condition, all original packaging etc so not too bad for a bargain basement purchase.
I have a green/green bottle as far as i know its not form a mathmos flock lava lamp i will upload a pic soon for u to look at thanks john

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