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These are the Astro bottles I got from Drew. They arrived in perfect condition after MANY miles of travel and look just great. Thank You Drew for going through the trouble of putting this together for all of us here.


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Thats very nice of Drew for doing that for you. Enjoy them Lamphead :)
YES - Thanks a bunch Drew! I would probably not have any Mathmos if it wasn't for your hard work. :) - They are great lamps.

I have a question for anyone else that ordered from him - possibly drew himself - The blue/white I got in, when the package came I checked out all the globes and everything was great. However, a couple days later I pull out the blue/white and it's cloudy. I thought that was very odd. I have it heating up now to get it going and see what happens. All my other lamps are crystal clear. It even arrived clear. Not sure what happened in those two days. I have been running through the bottles checking out the flow and color combinations. The clear/white is the most amazing one yet!
Yeah Great idea and done so quickly mathmos customs drew done are great.
Some pics running, I have not run the white yet

Blue/blue is my favorite

That Blue/Bule is a gorgeous colour. i may think of getting a few new bottles from Mathmos including that blue/blue
Orange and purple go very well together!
Thanks, Drew. Fantastic job. All my globes look and flow great. The blue/clear is my fav. Here are some pics.

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