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Hi all, I'm in the US, and am trying to get some Mathmos lamps. Has anyone tried UKAddress.com? It seems like it is reasonably priced, and exactly what I'm looking for. Thoughts?


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Packaging has been outstanding.  Another reason I'm delighted with the Forward2me service.

Well I'm not sure what to think. I've read the Mathmos lamps from lights.com are not authentic. It would be nice to know for sure one way or another. Here's some of the threads I have read on the subject. 

ChuckM said:

Actually, I don't think these are impostors. When I bought mine, it was when Mathmos redirected to lights.com for US buyers. I ordered a pink lamp and while it flowed a bit hot, it was likely due to the bulb being higher wattage than recommended. I put a dimmer on it and it was fine. I bought a blue/green globe in the UK and brought it back for my lights.com telstar. It behaves exactly the same... overheats unless I use the dimmer. The packaging was plain from lights.com (unlike my Astros that I purchased in the UK and had shipped to my hotel). I would not be surprised if lights.com gets them in these generic boxes or in bulk from Mathmos (cheaper shipping costs). I had read that someone was saying something about the legs, but since I have never seen a UK-purchased telstar up close, I cannot say whether there is something odd going on or not. It would be nice to see someone with a recent telstar purchased in the UK post some closeup photos of the inside and details. If these are impostors, they really went out of their way doing it... I think it is unlikely. It also came with Mathmos paperwork and a signed card from Mathmos... seems like a really good ruse if they are fakes!

Deb said:

I went to the lights.com website after reading this and see they are selling the Mathmos Telstar for 139.95 shipped. How long has this been available in US?  Seems a bit pricey. So how does this compare costwise to order from UK and pay to have it shipped across the pond?


Wait... Erin, just read here that these are imposters?

Can someone who has a Mathmos Astro lamp and a Heritage series Lava Lite lamp check to see if the bottle from the Mathmos Astro will fit on the US Heritage base?  Also - does the cap from the US lamp fit on top of the Mathmos bottle?

I've tried a mathmos astro bottle on a modern heritage century base. It sits nicely into the base after the bulb is replaced with either a standard appliance-type bulb or a neckless, stubby 40 watt reflector bulb. The cap is another story. The USA caps fit way too loose and wonky, bottles are proportioned differently around  the very neck. Use an original Mathmos cap.

fyi - lights.com has the telstars (blue/green, clear/pink) on clearance right now for $90.00 (orig. $130).  I got one for my dad as a present since he loves his starship soo much!


I picked up one at that price as well.  It looks good.  My one piece of feedback is make sure you get a dimmer.  With the US plug conversion, they get a little too hot.

OutWhere did you get the clear blue fluidium. Why doesnt EP carry mathmos anymore?

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