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I recently brought two Jets and one Astro over from Europe and I am trying to make them work here in the US.


I have read some discussion on here about this but I got confused. It looks like there are multiple ways to make that happen. I am looking for the simplest solution, I don't want to rewire the whole thing. If anyone has a tip it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot


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The simplest option would be to get a travel converter for US to UK plugs - that way you dont have to do anything with the lamp, it will just work.

Hello Tim,

thanks for getting back to me! I have tried the lamp with the travel converter (converter plug) but the voltage is not strong enough to power the lamp with its european bulbs. Any ideas?


I like the idea of just using the converter plugs without having to rewire. Is this possible somehow?


Thanks again


I havent tryed using converters so i dont know weather its the converter its self and it could be fixed by getting anougher one.

Prefablie if it was me then I would change the plug to a US plug and put a US wattage bulb in - that would sort it out, there is no need to compleatly re-wire the lamp.

Thank you Tim and thanks James.


I bought two modified Astros on ebay before and the guy left the UK wiring, so I just use a plug converter (not the power converter) for the UK plug. He uses a SATCO lamp within, but I dont know if he had to make adjustments to the base of the lamp. They both work great here in the US without the power converter. I would love to do the same or something similar with the Jets, so I dont have to put this black box in my living room (the power converter/step up converter).


I guess I just order a few Satco bulbs and try it out.:)

Thanks a lot


The link James is sending you will answer all your questions bought a 500 watt voltage converter on eBay for 30 bucks. It has one US outlet at 120 volts and a UK outlet at 220-230 volts. The power lead into the converter is 120 volts. It works like a charm. You won't need a plug adapter if you go this route. Although, I will be buying a UK power strip to run up to 5 lamps at once. Hope this and the link James provided helps.

My new Smart Astro is a dream. I know it's nothing to do with this thread but I just had to say it somewhere.


I use a stepdown on some of my US lamps here with no problems.

Solved. Just bought a US 40 Watt reflector bulb (Permalite) with european socket for my Mathmos Jet at a lamp store. Cost me 7 bucks. Plug in lamp with a 4 bucks plug adaptor. And BOOM, works perfect. :):)


No need for step up converters.


Thanks a lot for all the comments.

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