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Ths lamp went up for sale on Craigslist.
It is a red wax, yellow fluid Mathmos Lunar.
I am sorry about the crappy pic. My ipad has a weak camera. I will get better pics with my real camera soon.
This is also not the lamps final resting spot. This is the maiden run for me. The lamp will be put near the lava table, but most likely not on the table itself.

The story behind this lamp is somewhat unique.
This was the only motion lamp ever owned by the seller. Quite a single lamp to have, a Lunar.
The seller is a retired international airline piolot, who "about 20 years ago" saw this lamp overseas in the UK and had to have it.
Now, the seller is rebuilding a car and decided to sell the lamp to help fund the auto.
He sold it for the price he purchased it for.

I would like to thank OG forum members Verax and Voxul for allowing me to lean on them for input and advice about this transaction.
It took some time to say the least.

Thanks much.

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Interesting Lunar story and nice find!

Grats bro.  Hopefully someday would like to add one to my collection of big lamps.

Great going Haze!  

VERY NICE HAZE!!!!  Had to yell that one to reach over that big lunar!!!  lolol!!! Gotta admit I MAY be a TAD jealous!!!  Would def keep that one bedside!!!!!

Good provenance... One careful owner ! Congrats.

Excellent to see that she has landed! Happy to help out, glad you snagged her up!

HELL YEAH HAZE!  Congrats!!!  :)

I want to get a Fireflow R1 too. I saw this Lunar on eBay almost $2,000 and dented. Out of my Lamp budget :-) Congratulations on yours, Haze! 

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