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Mathmos projector are they relaxing to watch like a lava lamp?

Hi, are there any Mathmos projector owners on this forum? Lava lamps are great for relaxation, do the oil wheel projectors produce the same relaxation effects? I'm considering buying one to watch on the ceiling, but I'm not sure if the constant circular movement will be annoying, if it's too fast. Anyone have any thoughts of their projector? Thanks. 

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and the projector itself, need to see that too please!  Thanks!

The device names Opti Aura and it's made in the UK by Optikinetics. I think they are in the USA as well. I found this device by chance after looking for a lava lamp type mood light. I automatically thought Mathmos given we have their lava lamps, so purchased the Mathmos Space projector. But this Opti Aura absolutely knocks socks off the Mathmos Space projector that we purchased and returned, in our opinion. 

I asked Optikinetics about ordering from the USA, and whether or not the lamp would be wired/powered accordingly. Here's their response:

"Yes when an order is made on our site, we dispatch the goods with the appropriate wiring, cables etc for which region the product is being sent to.

 We also have a sales office in North America, which you can reach from the below email and phone no:"

Email: optius@optikinetics.com
Phone: +1 800.575.6784

I haven't asked about price, yet.

OK OK you twisted my arm, just bought one, guess will be here in a couple of weeks!  Thanks for letting spend 300 bones!


Mr MaGoo, did you buy any extra discs with your Aura? I didn't buy any discs from Optikinetics but I've purchased some beautiful ones with circles and squares along with the oil inside them from https://bubblevision.uk I will post photos of them working once they arrive. 

Yes purchased the lamp with the Ocean green/ blue one as I like to have them on before I go to sleep. Darker color while I fall asleep, wont be bright.  Hurry up and wait now for it to come in.  Saw the US site info but had already gone through the UK site.  You would think if there was a US site, the UK site would forward the order here to the USA and speed up the delivery process.  Will see what happens.  Will post pics when everything set up. Grats, on your projector.  Seems like you studied the heck out of what was out there and made a great choice! Will be interested about the bubblevision.uk info with their brand of oil wheels.  Seem to be about the same price, but am sure there is a bigger selection of oil wheels. Enjoy!


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