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I recently bought my first Mathmos lava lamp and as you can imagine was VERY excited to receive it.  The legs that came with mine fall out if you barely touch the base.  Needless to say I have not put the bottle on the base as I am scared it will fall and break.  The photo below shows one of the legs.  It appears that the bottom tab is broken.  The seller is saying that the Telstar legs are known to be loose but I still think the one I receive is broken.

I was hoping any Telstar owners with the tab legs will give their input.  I am very disappointed.  I live in the US and getting one over here was hard enough!  The seller doesn't want to pay the return shipping.  

Another question, the screw cap on the bottle was loose when it arrived allowing some (not much) of the liquid to escape.  I am also concerned that the bottle is compromised and the liquid will now evaporate.  Any thoughts on a broken seal cap?


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Yep looks like broken 

Definitely broken.  You might be able to McGuyver a solution, but I'd at least ask for a partial refund from the seller.  

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