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Mathmos Telstar Tarnished Base, Anyone Managed to Clean Up??

I have obtained several Mathmos Telstars over the years and they all have a level of tarnish. Has anyone found a substance which will clean them up? I've tried brasso and car chrome cleaner but no success yet.

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cheers, admittedly my initial attempt with the brasso was a little lame, I'll try again later...
I had limited success with silvo but brilliant results with this german car chrome polish called "autosol" from the auto parts shop. Worked a treat with the minimum of elbow grease - even cleaned up the grime in the raised mathmos logo on the leg. It's still looks shiny 3 months later too :)
*Sigh* Telstars need so much polishing. I always expect a Djinn to appear when I clean mine. ;-)

Another good polish that stays shiny for a long time - though you'll still need a good amount of elbow grease or maybe some electric polishing device - is Xerapol. Originally a polish for acrylic (such as caravan windows or old motorcycle helmet visors) it is so smooth that, once you're done, it leaves a very shiny surface.
i was surprised when my 1yo telstar had 2 tone colours :3legs tarnished, base ok.
is it gotta do with heat that keeps the base shiny.. hmm...

anyway guys, did anyone use something else and cause it to go worst??
autosol has worked the best for me, quite hard work though
Brasso works wonders!
brown sauce is good to

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