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This is blue metallic wax in a 52oz globe.
This is running on 60 watts.
I added a bunch of MT blue .
The wax is thick.


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Spectacular color!


analoghaze said:

By the way,
Happy Birthday Keith

Turned out nice!!!  Flow looks good..........

Thanks. The flow is good,unique. The color and texture of the wax is different than any other I have seen as well.
The wax and base match colors almost perfect.
Much to my surprise, this globe has cleared up quite a bit in the few runs I have cycled through it.
The above pics show a bit of cloudyness in the liquid. It is now very close to being crystal clear.

Transplants and kits always seem to be a bit cloudy at first.  I have come to believe it's just from air.  Like the liquid being jostled around when pouring.  My kits always seem to be a bit "fuzzy" at first.  They do calm down significantly after the first few runs.

With a light on in the studio.

Wow Dude.  Looks like you sorted out the flow issues eh?  Looks beautiful

That looks awesome! I haven't seen any of those creative metallics in ages. Nice execution

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