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So i was boiling my gookit was, to start kitting my alladin, and the plastic just thing fell into the boiling water and some got inside. so i took it out, and put it outside to cool down and separate. after it seperated i dumped out the water, and thinking nothing of it reboiled the goo.
i did my revamp, as per. but the wax doesnt seem to want to do anything now. it would bubble up and solidify again.
 today i put a foil "cone" type thing inside. to see if that would help, i also added more surf.
is there a possibility that the regular tap water wrecked the goo somehow?
and will i need to buy new stuff? lol

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i have a 40w in the lamp. same as the wizards. theres around 10.5mL of surf in it. the room is between 74 and 80.
last night i kept it on for 4 hours and it liquefied. but just sat at the bottom
aladdin is a 32oz indeed.
lol yes it was
All the goo kits I've done have been with distilled water only. Are you saying a piece of plastic tube got inside your globe?
nope a bunch of regular water got inside the plastic jug the goo comes in. the goo was melted at this point, and i was having some flow issues with the globe lol

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