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Well.....life is too short and the involuntary convulsions i'm suffering with not being able to get my hands on any turquoise / clear bottles is getting much worse.  So, I was thinking hey why not mix and match different colour waxes to get the colour I want.....after all it's going to be a custom anyway....


So, I consulted my paint by numbers paint set from 1971 and learned that perhaps if I mix 50% blue, 30% lime green and 20% white, then hey presto i'll get Turquoise !


Any Gooheads out there who've already tried mixing colours ?

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wow you're brave lol.

take goo-kits for example. if you mix blue and yellow you dont get green lol. dont ask me why but those dyes dont mix up how you would expect. hense gookit dudes made a green dye cos making a green was so difficult, if not impossible.


but TBH i dont see why it wouldnt work, i just think it may be rather costly, the white one being the most difficult to obtain. but good luck, cant wait to see it lol

I do this with usa lava lamps.

I swapped the fluids in these lamps.

blue/green                                       clear/yellow



I also swapped a blue/white with a clear/blue to make a blue/blue and clear/white.

blue/blue                VS           blue/purple


The clear/white I made from the lamp pictured above I mixed red and yellow goo kit dye in the wax and used food coloring to turn the water yellow to make a yellow/orange consort.

I also made a yellow/yellow consort that I dont have a picture of yet.


I hope this information helps. I am sure if it works with usa lava lamps it will work for mathmos lamps as well.

This is the colour mathmos called turqoise but actually its light blue and I made it with white and a tiny bit of blue. as long as it has the same formula its no problem. would be interesting to see a blue white green combination but I would start with white, then add blue and green in small amounts as the blue dye seems to be very dominant.
i have mixed different wax's together a few times to get custom colours, it works fine and they were from different eras as i can only get my sacrifices from bootsales. i have also mixed liquids to get custom colours and that too have worked fine. i would go for it dude!

Thanks guys for all your photos, tips and advice.


For Lucy & Mathmos Goo I'm going to be brave & take a hit........for アンドル i'm inspired to try mixing different fluid colours too......for Arnie I'm going to be cautious with the blue.......and James gives me all the confidence I need that it's going to work.


Waggs, ultimately I want a Lunar Bottle, but I guess a Jet sitting in a Silver Nordic will be just as orgasmic...lol

.....well Waggs, I gave the Mathmos shop on Kingsland Rd a call like you suggested but must have ended up speaking to the tea boy or cleaner or something....despite the fact he refered my enquiry to a "sales collegue" he didn't know what colour Turquoise was or indeed what a "custom" bottle was.   I gave up and called the Mathmos factory direct.......the cost of custom Lunar bottles is now £150.....

WaggS said:
Pete what bottle do you want? I know for a fact the Mathmos shop on Kingsland Rd has clear fluid turqoise wax in the astrobaby/telstar as i bought one recently.. maybe call them and ask before experimenting.

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