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This might be the wrong forum, as it's not about lava, so Mods feel free to move it, but... I'm building a display of unusual vintage light bulbs. I'm looking for Aerolux neon glow bulbs, but only flowers. I have room for two small globe (standard "light bulb" shape, shape "A" in technical terms) bulbs, and two tubular/cylindrical bulbs.

I have a few Aerolux bulbs I could trade:
-- Bird Of Paradise/Bird & Bouquet (swooping bird, four-petal and tulip flowers, purple with green leaves) Bulb works, not all parts light at first but will if given a few minutes. Tips of two of the seven leaves have lost the green glow and are purple, and there's a darkened spot on the glass over one flower. Has "1971 IMS Corp. Albequerque NM" clear sticker - IMS bought Aerolux bulbs and resold them under the name Groovie Glo.
-- Love Daisy - Another IMS-rebranded Aerolux. Pink ruffled heart, cut-out center with cursive "Love", six-petal flower above (glows pink with pink-backed green flower). Works well, "Love" section is a bit dim in few small spots but does glow.
-- Shriners emblem (pink glow) Works beautifully, base has been glued back on after getting loose so be gentle. Nice intricate, relief emblem.
-- Order of the Eastern Star emblem (also pink). Works beautifully. Lots of intricate detail on star/wreath.
All in Aerolux's "A" bulb shape - which isn't curved like most "A" bulbs (think the "average light bulb shape") but rather is a sphere atop a straight-sided tube section.

I will trade these one-for-one for: tubular or A-shape (or even Hurricane shape, though prefer A or T shapes) Aerolux flowers, in pink or purple, as long as they work and most of the green glows well: Bouquet (has three types of flowers, six- and four-petal plus tulip), Field Flowers (three flat, upward-facing six-petal flowers), Large Field Flower (big and small angled six-petal flowers), Heart & Flowers, Calla Lily, Roses (big rose and bud), Cosmos, Forget-Me-Nots, Irises. I have the pink I Love You Flowers, the purple Bird & Bouquet, and the pink Tulips. Also interested in the Aerolux Kerosene Flame (flame coming out of non-glowing silver, domed 'wick surround' inside bulb).

Will also trade for Kyp-Go Wild Flicker or Balafire bulbs, in which filament flies around wildly due to an internally- or externally-mounted magnet, and for Japanese-made bulbs by Kokka-Hana-Denkyu Co. in which flowers, birds, Eiffel Tower, ladies, etc. made of glass, or flowers around a shiny metal Crucifix, light up from tiny light bulb filaments within.

Attached (I do NOT own these bulbs): Aerolux A-bulb tulips, purple; green 3" Balafire/Wild Flicker in 7-Up can base; standard (most common) Kokka bulb containing three glass flowers and leaf (flowers light when bulb is screwed in partway; 60-watt filament in base lights when screwed in all the way).
~ Jonas

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Very, though I assume most lava collectors don't have these.

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