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Hi there,

first (long) post here to present you my last lamp.

(excuse my english, I'm french!)

I found this Fluidium Grande not far from home for 20eur (they sell new at 80 on ebay) so I thought it will be a bargain.

Well, It would had been, if I hadn't been caught on speed camera (just for few kmh).

So when back home, this beauty already cost me more than a new one delivered :-) .

Not a good start!

I also noticed some dents on the base, and some scratches on the globe I couldn' see at night in the street when I bought it.

Well anyway, let's run it!

A big lamp like this should takes it time to flow, but after more than 12 hours without noticing any movement I was sure something was wrong with this lamp.

First I thought a lack of heat, so I add some foil in the base: no changes

So I decided to open it.

I was surprised to find this:

Not sure if it left the factory like this or if somebody messed up with it and duct taped it.

Any guess?

After adding some drop of dish soap and 150g of magnesium salt (cost me 8eur more!):

Et Voila! :-)

Running again, my lamp is resurrected!

This is phone pics, so actual colors are light orange wax and clear liquid :-)

When I say clear, not really. It's a little troubled, so I will change it for Distilled water and salt.

But I have a problem with the wax: there is a lot's of water bubbles in it.

Not even a non-stop run can get rid of them.

(more pics of them in my album)

Do you know how they form? Why?

Because I plan to empy the globe, melt the wax in a cup, then put it back in the globe, but I don't want to do this if the bubbles will be back because the wax is dead.

I may better order a goo kit, but it cost a lot to ship in europe, and I spent enough for this big lamp.

Well, at least for now :-)

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How high are these Fluidium Grandes?

Hi Marcel,

I bought this lamp because of you !

I discovered it here on your pictures. So thanks ;-)

It seems you don't have bubbles problem on your.

Any idea why I've got so much of them?

Is the wax "cooked"?

PS: Could you show me how your bottle is factory closed?

Just curious.


Thanks Marcel.

Do you have like me, some aluminium part on top of it? or just the "hat"

Maybe it is used to center the aluminium top "hat"?

How does the "hat is centered on the globe?

Mine need adjustments to be perfectly centered, and then, if you touch it again it will go off center real quick.

Today, I have put a dimmer switch to try to get rid of the bubbles (+10eur).

It didn't work :-(

Too cold= no move

Too hot= crazy bubbles

Tried any positions between, without succes.

I planed to change the water to get it clear, but I'm sure anymore if it's a good move as the wax still bubbling.

Maybe better get a goo kit?

This cheap lamp is definitively going to cost me a lot at the end :-)

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