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k so i just got the above wave in the mail, but don't who made it where it really come from or anything really? ( seller couldn't tell me much either )

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For the life of me I can't remember the store that might have sold that. They were in the mall and sold lots of stupid gadget. They had a catalog as well. They went under a couple of years ago. They sold massagers, desk stuff, odd lamps, weird radios.. damn it. What was the name..
Gilbert ?? they seller said something about "Gilbert" but didn't have the box and the wave it's self has NOTHING writen on it.
The Sharper Image?
Nope, no words / writing anywhere.
^^^ Bingo ^^^ Sharper Image is where they were sold.

Cool, I had never seen one like it.
Yup. That's it. The name came to me this morning as I was waking up. Lol. Came on here to post it and found LampHead had figured it out!

They sold them. One of the last places to do so.
To be honest it really dosn't make very good waves, not sure what's wrong.
You need to shake it up to make waves silly!

Lol :)

It's short and probably doesn't "rock" near as much as the Lava brand ones. That's probably the issue.
It rocks at about the same speed the others do, it just seems the fluids are old and tired lol.
ok i take it back I just turned it on for the first time today, and it is running 100 times better. I guess it was just to cold or something from being on the UPS truck yesterday?
Video or it never happened :)

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