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Hi All,


I would like to add some color to the liquid on this faded 90's lamp. It performs beautifully but would benefit from some color.

Question 1: How do I remove the cap and can it be put back on afterwards?

Question 2: Can I add a food coloring to the liquid?


Please ignore the scotch tape on the cap. I tried to twist it off but that didn't work. Fearing I might have destroyed the seal, I put the tape on, (none of which has impacted the performance of the lamp.)


As usual, many thanks for your help and advice!



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Harry redid my Torchiere lamp, actually still tweaking it. It had the reddish / pink liquid in and red lava"bubbly". I dumped the water in another container and replaced with distilled water and added some clear detergent.  This has worked wonders on flow, but now have a slight cloudy haze after I add detergent. Will probably try glycerin next. Going to cycle it a few times and see if it clears on it's own.   First thing I had to do was remove a clear shrink wrap that was on outter aluminum cap/cover.  Once this was done was able to take small screwdriver "tiny one" and start prying the cap loose.  Would slide srewdriver in pry and move about an 1/8th of an inch and repeat till you have gone all the way around. Then slide screwdriver up a little higher in the cap and repeat the whole process till you eventually get cap off. Be careful as this aluminum cap is relatively thin metal and if you pry to hard you can teat the cap.  I know I tore mine. As you work your way around you will creeking noise as well as release of pressure too. Don't worry normal.  As you get further to the top of the cap the maker put glue on the real cap, so this can make the safefty cap removal a little tedious. Once the glue seal is broken and your safety cap off you get to your soda/ beer cap.  This can be gently preyed off with the small flathead screwdriver and the reused.  This is what actually seals the bottle, not the safety cap. Once it is off just add your food coloring  and reseal your bottle with a bottle capper and your golden. I will not be putting my safety cap back on just some good old duct tape. Have fun and let's see some before and after pics!
How is the cap removal going Harry???

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