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Another yard sale wonder. I bought a lamp in a yard sale yesterday and it appears to be an older 52oz. The cap is shorter and just a bit smaller than the later ones. The base has a swirl graphic effect and with wholes for some light to escape. I made an attempt to remove the plastic cap but it is very tight, I don’t like forcing things. I will wait until I hear from someone before I try to remove it. There are no mfg. or logo markings. It is green lava with clear liquid. The lava flow is as good as or better than some of my newer ones.

I have posted 2 pics to help identify it.

Thanks for you’ll help

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Thanks Bobby for your reply and giving the old timer a name. It is hard to believe how well the lava flows. Yes the base has holes with light coming through. The base also has a graphic swirl strips.

Are they any way to date this lamp?

I agree, it appears to be a screw on plastic top and was painted gold and because of it's age probably should stay where it is. You can tell by the photographs that some of the paint on the top of the cap has gone away.

If you have one like this with a similar base I would like to take a peek at it, would you mind posting a photo.

Thanks for everything Bobby.
Thanks Bohdan for your reply, verifying the name and this great order form. I noticed that the order form has a copyright date of 1999, would this be a hint as to it's mfg date?

Did the plastic screw on cap replace the standard bottle cap?

Is the base with the swirl paint not OEM from Lava Motion Lamp?

If you have anything like this or similar would you mind posting a pic also.

Thanks Bohdan, for answering all my question.
You can look under the cap to see if it has a tag under it...just hold the globe up and look under the cap. The screw cap globes were made from 1967 to 1999 in the 52ozers. Sometimes the bottom of the base may have a date stamped in yellow ink. The electric cord also can date the lamp with the earliest cords being white (67 to 71ish) then brown 71ish till early 80's) then black (80's to current) The swirls are not from the factory.

The cord is Brown, there is a label underneath the plastic cap and has "Aristocrat, Model 1120". The There appears to be writing in blue ink on the bottom. I am uploading a couple more pics in hopes that you or someone will be able to read it, also a close up of the base with the unusual markings.

Thanks Blind Faith and everyone for all your help.
Thanks Bohdan They are georgeous, for an 18 yr old lamp it is in mint condition. I have never seen a lamp with what appears to be a coil in the globe. Lava or glitter.

Thanks for your pic-post

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