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One of my off brands is a glitter & when heated up, she trickles a bit of fluid. I've tried Aluminum foil & Duct tape, but it feels like the original cap is spinning... I'm not happy about that. There's no detectable odor to the fluid.

I'm thinking of recapping it or even trying a heat shrink tubing over the original cap & neck of the bottle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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The best option would probably be to re cap it with a brand new cap using a bench capper.

I learned a tip from Autumn which worked real well for me-marine epoxy.  It is permanent though, so not good if you ever want to change anything...

Also, here's a link for a company that sells rubber and silicone stoppers of all sizes.  They seem pretty reasonable in price, too: http://www.widgetco.com/rubber-stoppers

AWESOME! I'd have never thought of Marine Epoxy! I'm gonna invest in some, since my Wizard Glitters could use it too! Thanks guys, you RULE!

automotive gasket sealer - specifically for use on water pumps.

I know this post is old but the best option would be silicone fusion tape. Its basically electrical tape without glue and it sticks to itself and fuses permanently. It gives a clean look and can be cut off if you ever needed to do something to the globe. Most hardware stores carry it.

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