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I was wondering if anyone had tried removing this coating.  I've read that it scratches quite easily so I was wondering about having a go with a glass scraper, or does anyone know of any chemicals that would strip it?

I have one bottle that seems to have a particularly thick coating and it's bugging me!

I've been pondering asking mathmos if they'll add an option of non-coated bottles for those of us who don't use them as kids lighting and don't care about the shatterproof properties...

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I have removed the plastic coating from several of my neo bottles. Most of them were scratched or scuffed on arrival. It is only a thin laminate plastic. 

Start at the top just under the rim, use a sharp knife or scissor blade and gently cut into the plastic using a sawing motion but without being too rough, as to cut the plastic but without damaging the glass. Then use your fingers to slowly peel away at the plastic. Once you've got a hold on it. It is quite easy to remove. It can be tricky at first but preserverance will pay off. 

Once you've got it all off give the bottle a good clean with glass cleaner. You'll be surprised at how better they look. 

There are certain parts of the bottle that it is impossible to remove the plastic, just under the seal for example, but so long as they're not visible it doesnt really matter.

Hope this helps. 

Perfect!  this is exactly what I hoped to hear.  I hate the way that the coating makes the bottles look.  My violet/turquoise isn't so bad, but my yellow/orange is horrendous. 

Does it affect the etched logo?

This worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

The coating on the neck of the bottle was too uneven for it to peel, so I used a razor to cut in the dent where the neck flares out, above the logo.  It peeled very nicely from there! Took about 5 mins!

Before and after photos for those interested:

Really glad I could help. I had a blue turquoise that looked like it had a fine grainy dust all over it. I was really bad, i complained to Mathmos and it resulted in them being very rude to me and totally customer unfriendly. But hey i got over it.

Anyway after removing the laminate it is now a perfect bottle. So i did my others too. A violet pink and a violet turquoise, now glorious bottles. 

Mathmos dont think that their coating is a problem, but it obviously is? My goldfish bowl bottles are now actually lava lamps. And for those who don't  have children, I would urge them to do the same. 

Indeed, I had considered bumping the bulb by 5w and using telstar/baby bottles, but my favourite colourway is the violet turquoise which isn't available (god knows why they have different colour schemes for the two identical bottles...)

Just did my violet/turquoise this morning.  A bit trickier to get started as it wasn't as thick as the yellow one, so I went around the edge of the top where it goes wide instead of in the dent, worked a treat again.

Definitely a happy bunny!

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