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This is my neon yellow lamp I've had for a few months. The flow was very close to pre-China flow until now. Lately it's been acting lazy and spitting out small watery bubbles like this. It's exactly what my purple/yellow Colossus is doing! Any ideas?

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My neon green has been on a timer at work for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for months with a 60w bulb on a timer. No issues at all. The yellow has been just as good until the recent intermittant watery bubbly flow.
My yellow is from before the recall. And it's still the best one. The others are from after

Brad said:

did you get the neons when they first came out?  i'm wondering if the wax is part of a bad batch.  i remember LL pulling neons for a bit and replacing them.  my yellow neon came after this replacement and i don't have any problems with it.  it's on my desk at work on a timer.

The new coils did the trick, If I hadn't found them I'm sure Jus's method would have worked.


Aladdin 2 Lava said:

It didn't work.  :( 

However I remembered I have two brand new coils from replacement bottles ordered last year that had the 'first batch' awful (new style bottle) glass, so I used the contents to refill a pair of Crestworths that were spent.

I'm waiting for the 'dust' to settle before running them.
Aladdin 2 Lava said:

I have two globes that started to do this, I've warmed them up and hooked the coils out and dropped them in pan of boiling water and washing up liquid for a few minutes. The coils are back in the globes. I'm leaving them to cool down till the hundreds of wax particles caused when I foolishly shook the coils in the liquid to remove the wax still in them has settled.

Oooooh, awesome! Well done! 

I had this exact same problem with my neon yellow. Flowed great at first, and then it started doing the cone thing. I put it on a timer for 10 hours a day 7 days a week using a 60 watt bulb dimmed to about 80% and CAREFULLY did the spin trick a few times........after about 2 weeks like that I switched back to the 40 watt bulb, still on the timer.....been flowing PERFECTLY for about 2 months now.
Don't give up hope!
Actually, it seems to have fixed itself. I'm wondering if was just a goofy temperature gradient issue or something. Who knows.

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