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New 52oz blue liquid yellow wax - emptied fluid now what?


When I was at that Kmart a few weeks back I bought a new 52oz lava lamp, blue fluid yellow wax. Was #$10

I found the blue fluid to dark for my tastes so for shits and giggles I carefully emptied out to the blue fluid only to leave the yellow wax. I used a plastic coat hanger straight portion to keep the wax in place while I poured out the fluid.

I then rinsed the bottle twice with clean tape water to get the rest of the colored fluid out.

I would love to have a clear fluid yellow wax lamp, so the quesion is, now what? I wonder why lava lamp simply does not sell a clear with yellow wax anymore?

#1 Do I let the the bottle stay open so the balance of the clean water can evaporate? Or do I use my paper towel plug technique to act as a wick and change over the next few days to the interior can dry?

#2 What's the next step. I don't want to invest in all types of chemicals to get the bottle working again. Do I simply get the cheapest possible clear fluid lava lamp from spencers and pour that fluid into the bottle that will dry out? Now, I think spencers near me sells fog juice or possible party city. I now one of you mentioned that to me? What else? Any household items I can use to play and get it working?

#3 I could simply order a goo kit, however, for a 52oz bottle, is there a sure fire ratio for what should be used to get it working properly?

I am actually very interested in trying goo kits but am nervous I will mess it up somehow. Actually I would love to learn how to do this based on the photos on this forum. People make some really beautiful lamps.

I actually have nother 52oz lamp yellow lava, purple liquid (also bought from same kmart), not a bad color combo but again fluid is more dark that I would like. Was $10

Let me know your thoughts on best bang for the buck.

Other than my royale, I don't have any lava lamps that I actually like the color combo. I would love for all my bottles to have clear fluid with different lava colors.


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Hey Rod,

If you are looking to use strictly household items only, you will need the following:

- 1 Gallon of Distilled Water (do not fill your globe with tap water)

- Dawn Dish Soap (only a few drops will be necessary -- this prevents wax from sticking to the sides of the globe -- when adding dish soap, dissolve drops in some distilled water, and try your best not to let it make direct contact with the wax)

- Salt (this is used to adjust the specific gravity of the fluid, there will be a lot of trial and error -- dissolve it in distilled water close to the temperature of your lamp while it is running hot, and add a little at a time -- keep in mind that there is a possibility of clouding when using salt to balance the specific gravity of your globe)

I hope others will post their input here for you as well.

Ryan, thanks, I believe there is a salt that will not cloud the water, I think it was called epson salt or maybe aquarium salt.

Now here is the key to PLAYING, what is the amount of each? if I put in distilled water, how much? then salt and soap how much and when does one add.

I would love to experiment with this bottle but just need some guidance on amounts.

I've found the new globes fade water incredibly easily.  I had a purple/yellow in storage, took it out recently and it's very close to a clear/yellow, with no access to sun.  I think I'm going to put in the sun for a few weeks and finish off the water dye until it's clear.

You know what, I could have done that, totally forgot, will do it with my other globe :)

That still leaves me with a bottle that has wax and no fluid lol.

I replaced just the fluid in one 52oz and discovered it almost flowed with straight distilled water.  Added just a drop of surfactant and a smidge of salt water and it's gorgeous now.  For a china globe, I wasn't as concerned about the salt's effect on the heat ring as I would have been on an older globe, so it worked out ok.

^^ Thanks, I'm gonna give it try like you did and see what happens, not gonna be a big loss if I mess it up

Okay, so I picked up the distilled water, I have some trader joe sea salt and a small bottle of crystal clean dish soap.

Lamp is currently warming up. For this and giggles, I added a pinch of salt and 1 drop of dish soap before it started doing anything. Let's see where this goes lol. Will update as it goes along.

Okay, so here is what has happened so far, see attached. What the hell is going on here with simply new distilled water, 1 tiny pinch of salt and one drop of clear dish soap??

Is the lava liquid or solid in the picture? 

Semi soft as I poked it with a small piece of hanger and then I gentle pushed it back down to see what would happen next.

Right now the glob has stayed at the bottom after I pushed it back down and reattached to coil.

What a freakin mess, now the lava has crawled up the side of the bottle and is flowing through the attached lava on the bottle up to the top, no wonder I never was interested in playing with these things.

This is why I am so afraid to try a goo kit ugh.

Screw it, I emptied and cleaned the bottle and will keep the coil for a day when maybe I'll try and goo kit.

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