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I’m proud to announce a new option for filling empty lava and glitter globes with new glitter liquid that is made in the USA!

After several years of development and testing, I have created a new glitter liquid formula that contains flashy glitter flowing in a fast liquid. It’s not solvent-based.  It’s water-based and much less toxic.

I’ve also created a non-solvent, less toxic slow glitter liquid that looks and flows like vintage slow glitter.

Best of all, I have a new website for viewing all of the options, and it’s going live today!

While I’m still in the process of stocking the product, please feel free to check out the new site at https://stardustlamps.com/ .

I’ll enable the ability to add items to your cart in the next day or two.

Many thanks to Brendon Parker for his artistic ability and technical knowledge.  He did all of my branding work, creating a beautiful logo.  He also designed my labels and bottle caps, and my amazing website!  

Brendon is quite talented, and I really enjoyed collaborating with him on this project.  You can follow him at https://www.instagram.com/brens.polas?igsh=Yzl6bGk2OGd1dG1i . He can also be contacted via email at nintendoatariguy@gmail.com . 

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Welcome back!

Shopping is now open!

WOW!! I know what i'll be ordering!!

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