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just looking for a bit of help folks


i got a 3-in-1 astro off of ebay for a decent price. just arrived today and got it up and running but all the wax is doing is sitting at the bottom melting but not rising. i can tell has worked in the past as ther is a peice of wax floating at the top. i have tried different bulbs at the correct wattage but still no diffirence. any suggestions of ways to fix this? or what the problem is?



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Looks like someone just sold you a bad lamp (globe).

I would suggest calling Mathmos for a replacement.

a replacement for an ebay globe? dream on. Alan if it wont open after you boiled the lid for 20-30 seconds and are using gloves so you can really get a twist on that thing, somethings wrong....I have opened MANY bottles for customs like at least 30 ...in fact I would say I have about 6 or 7 bottles here which I didnt open at some point, to either refill it or just transfer it (and again for the people who think I sold or made fakes, I didnt...all original mathmos stuff!) and I had NO bottle I couldnt open...so if you try really really hard and it wont open, its not the original glue on there...I'm 99% sure on that!
Hey alan, have you checked that the coil is in the correct position at the base of the globe?

yep its lying flat at the bottom. managed to get the lid off........eventually. with a bit of hot water and a wee bit of leavering with a knife.


its as if the wax had seperated into 2 diffirent types as the stuff at the top just always floats and is a bit whiter than the rest. anyways have emptied the fluid and am now melting the 2 waxes back together at the bottom using a bowl of hot water.

Good news everyone!!!! after emptying the fluid and melting both of the bits of wax back together its now working properly! the wax is a wee bit yellow but that seems to be normal for the age of the lamp and the wax being originally white.


just dont understand how the wax managed to difuse like that?


anyhoo will stick some pics up soon

You mean something seperated out of the wax and you mixed it back in by heating?

I dont know what that could be! :\

yeh thats what a ment lol. iv no idea either but it seems to be working fine now. just gonna attach a few pics :)


 well done Alan,

a real labour of love.

now you have the coulors of your choice.

Blue Blue electrick blue....

Peter :)

Very nice! Glad to see it worked out!

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