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I went down to Spencers to pick up a Neon purple and came across a new Orange liquid Black lava 52oz had to grab one!

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nice!  please post pics of 'da flow.

They been around for awhile now

Yea they have been around for a while but often they have been cloudy and / or had really bad flow, going on the results of the clear views and the neons it would be intresting to see what this is like.

I just bought one on Wednesday, and so far so good.  It's clear (checked before purchase) and flows not quite as good as a USA globe, but significantly better than the china's I have.  It actually flows, not just blobs perfect circles.

Only objection is the thing is going to have to be back lit to truly enjoy it as it is so dark.  I'll try to get pictures of mine today once it gets going.


Finally promised pictures of mine flowing.  I'm really impressed with this lamp and just need to place it somewhere with better light so I see what the camera sees when I watch it.


That's really nice! I had one last year but returned it. It was awful. Would be willing to try another one though!

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