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hi guys


just to let you know the new smart astros are now in and ready for dispatch, i had email from mathmos yesterday

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Thanks Arne and knut. i got a response saying yes they were still polished, then i sent a picture of the smart astro base and they said that it WAS polished, then i sent a picture of it next to the normal astro base (which looks shinier to me) and i got no reply. strange. They shouldn't be describing them on the website as polished when they clearly are not.

They look as polished as the ushal bases now but I agree they are not like the previous ones that had been chrome anodised.  

The current base design is a lot more plished then the 90's astro base which hasent been ploished at all.

the picture I posted is of the Astro base from about 2 years ago, and the Smart Astro looks less polished to me.

Why can't they just leave well alone?

Response from Mathmos:


"I had a look at one of our Smart Astros in the warehouse and there is a difference between the Astro Base and the Smart - and the Smart Astro is shinier to me ( not matt like an Astro ), but not as shiny as a Telstar or a Astro Baby.


I have to admit I wasn’t aware the production process had changed that’s why I emailed you its like the first lot. Sorry about that.

The first ones where polished Aluminium and now the they are vacuum plated, we will have to change on the website too."


Its good you got a decent responce as they quite often just fob people off, Iit would be good to see if they update things from your contact with them.  

Must say I have always had good customer service from Mathmos. I have been collecting Mathmos lamps for quite a number of years now, and I must say I am getting a little peeved by the poor quality of some of the lamps they have turned out in recent years. I remember the days of walking out of a shop with a Mathmos lamp, taking it home, plugging it in, and everything was perfect. Not any more. over the past few years we have seen the White Astrobabys that didn't heat up enough and had blobs of dye in the wax, bottles that rattled around on their bases, custom clear water lunar bottles that have gone cloudy, the White wax/clear water that went cloudy after a few weeks fiasco, different combinations of formulae that have seen Mathmos lamps flow more like lavaworld lamps in big blobs, first run Smart Astros that blew up, second run Smart astros that are no longer polished aluminium, the black wax that was actually plum and dyed the water, the Black astros with the dodgy wax, the list goes on.I sent my contact there an email today regarding the seemingly deteriorating quality of their lava lamps, and had the following response.


"Thank you for your feedback!

Cressida really appreciated your comments and said she will be working extra hard next year together with production to improve quality.


For now have a nice Xmas!"

Only time will tell.




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