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new version of Mathmos' Telstar in matt black and copper

Mathmos announced a new version of the telstar, still one of the best designs of them, but this one is not convincing.

It looks like the millenium Telstar, but in matt black and copper.

Not my taste, and not worth 77 Pounds.

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I too use a dimmer, the same kind used on old lunar as a matter of fact and it does nothing for the new heritage lamps I purchased besides alowing me to run them for as long as I want (in fact they have been running for 3 days now).

I do own a 'black' plum one, it's lovely by day as the light doesn't show at the bottom so the goo stays  blackish, by night it's too dark to be enjoyable.

Of these 4 astros : turquoise/turquoise/clear, shiny/blue/yellow, black/plum/clear and matt/red_pink/clear, only the turquoise shows some kind of old mathmos ways with the snakes_serpentine going up to the top and sometimes rescending or breaking. The others won't go past the middle of the bottle to break (as it was intended to) in 2 or 3 bubbles.

when I reach mathmos about my disappointment I was told that it's due to their new formula.

I too reached out to Mathmos and was told it was their new formula. Basically what they did was that they had two types of Astros, the silver ones and the colourful base ones. They each had their own formula so they would work well on their own different bases. At some point Mathmos made a new formula where all the bottles would work on any base which has far far too much surf in the liquid, this causes the wax to break up really fast so basically you get a blob going up and down.

When I buy a bottle from them I have to dilute it down so it works like the old bottles, what I don't understand is why they are doing this. At first I thought it was the liquid densities were not been matched or sloppy manufacturing but it looks like it is intentional on their part. It seems that they want it to be like this. It is maddening because they won't seem to listen to reason.

Maybe we need to send them a link to this discussion.

Hi All, has anyone ordered one of these? If so, what kind of a box did it come in? 

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