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Galactic front

There are numerous photos in the picture section and also two short videos showing the flow, just search Galactic and you should find them.  The lamp is in excellent shape with no chips or cracks.  The lamp flows very well.  The globe color is 13 which is clear/blue.  I got this from the original owner who says that is the globe that came with the lamp when new though most seem to have had lavender/white.  The dates on the base and globe appear to be in sync so I have no reason to doubt what the original owner told me.  The dimmer is fully functional and the cap is perfect.  This would be a real gem for ceramic collectors.

I'd be willing to sell the lamp outright for $125 shipped in the CON USA assuming a PayPal payment, $120 shipped if paid with a method not requiring fees.  My ebay user name is sonicth and I am most often a buyer but I have an absolutely unblemished ebay score.

I'd be willing to entertain interesting trades for interesting early vintage lamps or perhaps a pair of newer ones, hoping to get into some glitter lamps or interesting plasma lamps including Lava Lightning 2s or a 12" or 16" Luminglas.  I don't know what will catch my fancy, throw me some offers.

This one is a beauty, can't believe I found such a nice one first time out.  Please let me know if there are any questions or if I can provide additional photos.  If it doesn't go in the next week or two it will probably end up on ebay.

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Hi! I am VERY interested! I LOVE CERAMICS! I can buy outright or we can work out some trade. I do have a Green Lava Lightning 2 that I have barely used (I bought it shortly before I lost my house and have not set up all my lamps since.) I sent you a friend request with a message. I hope to hear from you soon as I would really love to be able to get this lamp. Thanks!


I would like to buy it if the previous buyer falls through, just let me know thanks.

I'll let you know either way.  Having a discussion with Kim but I haven't been home much today, we'll see where that leads first though.  Thanks for the interest! 

Kevin Allen said:

I would like to buy it if the previous buyer falls through, just let me know thanks.

A trade with Kim has been arranged and is in progress.   Thanks to others who showed interest.

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