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Hi peeps,

I have been looking for a Nightmare before Christmad lava lamp for a few weeks now and have yet to find a proper one. I was wondering if anyone is willing to sell theirs or provide some tips on how to increase my chances of finding one.

I appreciate any assistance :)


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still no reply unfortunately.. 

still looking.. 

Hey Claude!

have you already have a chance to test out if the original maths bottles fit?:)

Claude J said:

Not sure, I'd have to dig it out and unbox it

If I find time this swekend, I'll check for you
Kaj said:

thanks Claude :)!
Seller has yet to reply though .. So well see.
Out of curiosity.. Do the mathmos bottles fit on it?
In case I find one without bottle :).

At this point id be willing to sell an arm for this thing.. Guys halloween is coming up!! Help


Dunno where you're based but there's one in Roanoke! 

sent them message for you Kaj, and cc'd you

Thnx. Still no reply though..

Kaj, check your email ASAP

I got you covered

Kaj, should I click the buy-it-now button?

Get back to me ASAP before someone else gets it

Kaj, do you want the lamp or??

Let me know

Happy to reship to you via DHL

Kaj, where are you>?

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