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Hey, All!  I've got a bunch of NOS 12 oz. (i.e. 11.5") Lava Lite-brand STARDUST GLITTER lamps for sale!  These are the MADE IN CHINA STARDUST GLITTER lamps that were discontinued a couple years back.  They are all CLEAR GLITTER.  Each one has been opened to check for clarity and they are all 100% crystal clear!  Make me an offer on one or all of them.  I have about 20 of them total.  I'll be traveling from Canada to the USA on Friday, 08/30 and can ship them out then.  Actual USPS shipping charges will apply.  I can only accept payment via PayPal.  Send questions directly to me at fortheloveoflava at g mail (dot) com and thanks!  -Boo

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I was going to ask the same thing, LOL!!!  Been thinking about adding a glitter to my collection.  I remember my daughter won a pink knock-off at Chuck E Cheese back in the day, but ya know, I kind of caught myself zoning out watching it.  Humm, yes, pics please....

pics attached.  thanks!  -Boo

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