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Since seeing the Mathmos astro newly available (in the UK only) in a bright & vivid green wax/yellow liquid variation, I started looking around for that color combo. Finding out that in the USA Lava Lite made that combo back in the older days for Century lamps and later in the 90's for the smaller 32 oz ones. I stumbled onto this lamp and immediately purchased it. Quite jazzed as I'd never seen a picture of an  old lava lamp in this color combo, only the color listing on sales ads, etc. I haven't been in this hobby long so there's a lot I haven't seen. I just wanted to know from more experienced collectors if this is indeed a rare color to find? And, what year would you say this lamp is? 60's? 70's?  

I will admit the shade of green & yellow are way different than I had imagined. Almost pea soup & johnny cake (or urine?). Maybe a bit drab, but seems very kitschy and at-home in the era. Orange shag carpet, dark paneled walls... Looking forward to seeing this in-person!

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One of the ones I just re-did was orange and clear. The lava was just too bubbly to be salvageable. It's a red/blue now and looks great. I may just make an orange one someday.

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