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Ok, so as some of you know, I have had problems with my v2 neon grandes. I received my replacements from lava lite today, and the pink one looks clear. The green one has some particles that look like paper floating around in it. My clearview had the same thing and it cleared up completely. The green one not only has the paper looking stuff in it, it also has glitter! I'm not kidding my brand new, factory sealed neon green grande has glitter in it. It this a first? This is the craziest thing I have ever seen with a new lava lamp. I mean, cloudy or paper looking debris, ok, but glitter? What the heck?! Is LL experimenting with hybrids? Lol I guess I should take it as a one of a kind.


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Man that is crazy. Bad quality control there. That is going to mix in with the wax.

OMG REALLY ? Think LL may just have a wee little problem with quality control ?

And I sense the end result will be nothing like a Mathmos Glitterball.

Critter said:

Man that is crazy. Bad quality control there. That is going to mix in with the wax.

my replacement had the white flakes in it but i did not see any glitter.  whatever it was, it melted into the wax and is gone.

Here's the glitter while it's warming up.
Here is the glitter in the wax while it's warming up. The lamp actually looks pretty nice, but it does indicate a QC problem.

Hows it going >?

Well, it runs nicely. The liquid is a bit hazy and glittery still, but most of it mixed in with the wax. Sadly, no glitter ball look. I'm truly hoping this one (and my new pink, but this green actually flows better) doesn't become a "pea-shooter".

Yea that is strange - floaties that can be expected when LL is having a off day

It wouldn't surprise me if LL are thinking of bringing out glitter lamps again or a variation of and have some glitter kicking around the factory that just so happened to get into a batch.

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