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I have a couple of Jets for sale - one original metal one and one plastic - I put them on eBay starting at £25 the pair plus £10 P&P and did not get one bid!!! Just how cheap are these now - could someone advise me what I should ask for them - both perfect, new bulbs, good flows etc. If it is not reasonable money I will just keep them - need funds for another Lunar though!!

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Maybe it is better to sell them seperately.
Yes I agree with orbitz, you should sell them separately. People looking for a nice quality lava lamp (maybe new to lava) will be more inclined just to buy one initially and not two. I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble selling these two Jets separately. As they're Mathmos, the quality shines through.
Hi, i did see the jet's but im only want the plastic jet lava lamp. Also do you have the orignal box as this add''s Value thanks john
I saw these also i was mainly interested in the metal one. but i didn't bid because, i have reach my buget for this month. Hubby would of killed me for over spending,,

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