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People from England have you heard of this band ???

It seems like they burst on the scene in the US, first they did a commercial for Kia that ran during the Super Bowl, I love the sock monkey and robot and the song is just plain great....


 Then a few weeks later they go on The Letterman Show and as he likes to say "they blew the roof off this dump".....


 Where were you guys hiding this band ?? LOL


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Not from England, but like the tune, Looks like they did rock the house. This song and 10 other songs by The Heavy are on Itunes for .99 each. How You Like Me Now?
i think they are from england
dig it!
the sock monkey is absolutely my favorite for some reason
i think i want to be a sock monkey when i grow up

Agreed lamp head i look em up first thing that monday, loved it!
When I seen the robot I thought "Bohdan would like that" lol and the sock monkey riding the jet ski doing tricks...love it. I bet their tour schedule will tighten up with more dates.


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