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I just picked up a cheap pair of Mathmos glitter babies. I originally intended to either respray the bases/caps or just use them for parts as they were described as "badly scratched but work perfectly".

It turns out it's all surface damage to the bases and caps, nothing too deep. Has anyone tried polishing out scratches on these? If so what's the best thing to use? The first thing that springs to mind for me is Brasso, but I'm not sure if that will damage any coating on them.

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I have a polishing head for my dremel which takes much of the hard work out of it :)

Maybe wet & dry is the way to go, I was interested to see if anyone had any tried and tested methods first. Thanks for the reply.
why not try anusol hemeroid cream, it makes them disapear perhaps it might have the same effect on scratches lol
It might get rid if itches but I don't think it will do much for scratches :)

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