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Does anyone own one of these? I know it's supposed to be one of the three colors that these came in way back when they were made, however I only ever see photos of the green and purple ones. I would really like to find one, but would like to determine how rare they are before I waste too much time. Anyone have one, and if so, could you please post a picture?

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I am sure Bohdan has one.
Great, so I should probably not spend too much time trying then, because even if I do find one, it will cost a fortune. Especially if it is on auction. I do have a red metallic creative motion one, that is pretty cool, maybe I could buy some more of those and do a refill, the thing is it is not all that red, and I hoped that the Mathmos one was a deeper red, that is why I wanted a pic of a real one working. So nobody has one on this site- can that really be? Crazy.
I'd love one but they're rarer than a hen with an ultrabright smile!

Beautiful lamp.
Yeah I did get both Richard. The metallics are such great lamps, its sods law that one of those had to break in the post.

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