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I just found out that you can no longer purchase 100w r20f in the USA!  I was told they are all switching over to halogen or LED instead.  I have a grande that I just restored with a kit, but I don't have a 100w incandescent r20f.  I asked at Home Depot and Lowe's about the equivalent heat output for a halogen, but the people had no idea.  :(  Does anyone know what size bulb I should get now?  I purchased a 60w halogen flood r16 and a dimmer, just in case it is too hot.  But how do I know if the lava isn't flowing because it is too hot or too cold?  Also, one last question.  How long should I leave it running before it starts to flow?




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I've noticed that with my goo kitted grandes, which I've done about a half dozen, it takes a good 6 hours for the first couple times before it flows right.  After that, about 3-4 hours to get her going, and then I have to use a dimmer to lower the power.  I've never run into too hot on my grandes, but a good indication of too hot is the lava sitting above the coil versus around it.  Also the grandes I have in a bunch, versus the one's standing alone with no other lamps, the heat up time will vary.  I've wrapped my colossus in a blankie for about 6 hours to speed up the flow time.  Be patient with the new grande you gookitted.  As long as you followed the instructions, all will work out.  Worth the wait!! :-)


As for the bulbs, online seems to be the best place to find them in quantity and at a great price.  No particular place, just search for 100w r20 bulbs and a mulititude of site come up.  I just stocked up on 100w r20's and the 40w r15's as I'd hate to run out, and I have over 100 lamps to power.

You might be able to use a 75 watt r20.  The blue/yellow below is running one.  Not much flow, but you may have better results if you are using a gookit.


Now that is a great price!

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