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Hello, im looking for a Colossus, pls pn me for any help;)



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Aren't we all? :/

i have a collosus, what are they going for nowdays?

1300 $

More than that now that production has been verified to be never returning.

Lorenz, I know Trevor was trying to sell one, not sure if he has sold it yet or not.

Edit:The Thread...

this is the ebay price,,,

Thanks Vox,

Not sure if you have a large enough sample size to pinpoint a price.  Like Critter, I suspect the value went up a bit with the decision to not move forward with a 50th anniversary run.  Keep in mind too that "local pickup only" auctions will also lead to a lower selling price.  How much would one sell for if shipping were feasible?  What will the addition of a custom base or table do to the selling price.

Lorenz said:

this is the ebay price,,,

Thanks Vox,


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