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Dear folks at oozing goo.  It is with much soul searching, I have decided to sell off most of my lamps.  Although the collection is not the biggest, It has gotten to a point where there is not a lot of room left for other interests.  I will still keep my original Tiki's and older Centuries but  the Silver Series and Midnights will be appearing on eBay every week for the next month or so.  I haven't decided if I want to keep my resins yet but you never know.  They are listed under the ebay name: " dandh ".  Happy Bidding, Scott

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Are you willing to sell anything here directly to members instead of going the eBay route?

Sorry to hear you're selling, but I know how it goes! 

yeah me i want to eventually get midnights but have no money right now but the midnight is a really beautiful series

Hi Erin,  Are there any colors you are interested in?  Scott

How much would you sell your midnight lamps for and what colors do you have

As far as Centuries go, I'd love a clear/black. Have one of those? Or a pink/white Century. Or clear/yellow Century.

Scott said:

Hi Erin,  Are there any colors you are interested in?  Scott

Do to have a clear glitter wizard?

WHat color of midnight lavas do you have

DO you still have midnights

Hi Samantha,  Yes i do.  I've been busy picking kids up from college these past few days.  Can you tell me which colors you are interested in and i can tell you if i have them?  Scott

WHat colors do you have actually and i will tell you is that alright because i am not too familiar in what colors and do you have wizards too?

OK by cap codes in no particular order here's what i have.. 24,4,20,9,2,10,8,9,22,28,21,17,13,12,25.  And sorry, no wizards

I like all of them and what other kinds of lamps do you still have? 

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