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Hey everyone,

I happened to be watching a video on a channel on YouTube called ‘The Slow Mo Guys,’ and came across a segment where they destroyed a group of Lava Lamps arranged in a bowling pin formation, dropping a bowling ball from above and then launching another bowling ball at the remaining “lava pin.”  I wanted to share it with everyone here.  Enjoy!


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Very nice, could not have hoped for nothing better to a bunch of china flow lamps!

$8.00 Walmart specials,

No loss

Eh, was expecting a really cool video, I want my 20 seconds back please!

Lol. I’m sorry, Kero. I saw Lava Lamps, and I haven’t posted in a while.. so I thought why not?! They could have been Mathmos lamps, as those guys are from the UK, but they went the economic route with the China made modern USAs. I figured it was still worth sharing. ;)

I am more fascinated by the  many "lava lamps exploding in microwaves" videos that can be found online 

It's okay I was joking but still, I want my 20 seconds back or a clear grande hahahaha.

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