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Ok, I hope that this uploads correctly. Anyhow, this should make the 52oz. $15 before tax. Anyone can use it....just print and go.

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What pump are you all talking about? I am curious.

I called and wrote to Lava World. I told them I want replacement globes and they asked me to send pictures. I will see what they say.
It's a water purifier. The kind of hand-held pump that campers use to clean water from creeks for drinking. Mine is made by MSR and you can buy them on e-bay for about $50. I put off getting one for a long time---but they are worth every penny! It cleared up my vintages and one grande and one giant....and is still going strong! You can scrub the filter clean and use it over and over again. I bet that I have done 40 lamps and I am still using my first filter. It makes that water so clear that you can read a newspaper through the lamp. (Not while running...dang lava gets in the way...)
PS Look at my photos, you will see a before and after on a yellow/purple grande...pretty impressive!
I looked at your pics. Honestly could not tell a difference. Maybe I was not looking right. I will take your word for it though. My only problem with "cleaning" lamps is sealing them back up. I don't want silicone or the like. I want the caps back on. Lol. Will it clear them up as in, remove the color from the water thats not suppose to be there? Or just make cloudy lamps clear?

Lavaworld is sending me replacement globes. We will see how those turn out.

Score on the new globes!!! Glad they are sending you replacements!
The filter just takes out the loose wax. The water will still be whatever color it was when you started. It will just be clearer. I'll add some photos here so you can see the difference.

On the first two photos, I pumped all the top three globes, but only re-took the pic of the middle one. On the next set the cloudy globe was from the "diamond plate" lamp. On the last set of photos the grande that I pumped was the one on the right.
As far as resealing goes, I bought a wine bottle capper on e-bay. It is vintage, and weighs like 10lbs, but it sure gets the job done! I think that it set me back $8.
Thanks for the pics. Everything looks really good. I am thankful my grande was not cloudy at all. It was nice and clear.

Can you link me to this pump on ebay? I did a search previously and did not find anything. I might give it a go.
Thanks for the info.
Hello I just wanted to say thanx for the coupons I saved 26 bucks on 4 lava lamps and some other things with them. If you would please keep posting them it would be most appreciated they are a hit!
Thanx again,
Yall are true gooers.
Glad that you saved some dough! I have used these coupons every time that I go there. This is the last day that this one can be used. Hopefully they will send me some more of these soon!

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