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Successfully Remove or Take Off Grande Lava Lite Cap Revealed

Okay, So I got bored at 5 in the morning and decided to finally remove the cap on my Grande Lava Lite Black/Cloudy Lamp. I successfully got it off and thought anyone else who is afraid of attempting this should know what they are in for. It is not that difficult, it just takes patience. So here goes...

1. Find a small pocket knife that is really thin and very strong. I used a small Gerber pocket knife.
2. Take the globe out of the stand and set on top of a bed or in your lap, whichever is more comfortable.
3. Take the very tip of the knife, sharp end facing away, and gently nudge underneath the side of the cap. Keep doing this in millimeter increments. Make around 15 side by side.
4. Now that it is becoming loose, redo the same thing but you can make the nudge a little bigger and higher in the cap. Be careful.
5. Repeat this until you have peeled back the metal cap around half of the top.
6. Check gradually if you can pull the top off. It won't take a lot of force so be patient until you have reached a safe point. Be careful it is sharp.
7. Pull the cap off. Set aside.
8. There is a rubber seal underneath this. Pull this out. Set aside.
9. Begin doing whatever it is you wanted to do.

This does void the warranty so make your mind up before you do this. Hope this helps.


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This sounds efficient. The rubber stopper is pretty tough. I think just popping it back in will do just fine. Once I get a purifier I will post a topic of that process. If that goes well I might tweak the formula a little with some epsom salt. Hopefully that will make the lava flow more. I am still not sure though if I'd like to mess with the original formula. Talk to you guys soon.
for less than the cost of filter pump you can buy a lava louie goo kit for $35 in any color you want and refill the lamp no muss no fuss with distilled water.
I'm on my 4th louie goo and surfactant grande refill, 2nd one this afternoon, they're heating now. Fluorescent lime green and true blue. I'll post pics when the action starts. See my forum post reviewing louie's goo kits.
It's the only way to go with a refill.
Ha! I thought for a second that you were filming your first clip from a balcony looking down on an suv - but it's a toy in the corner! lol... nice work with the cap removal, look forward to seeing the finished product - good luck!
Cheers Rod
Haha... yeah I thought about that. Gotcha!
I always use automotive gasket (red) sealant on mine, in addition to the rubber stopper. No leaks on any of them yet!
I would rather over-do it than under-do it!
I agree with Roberta. I used 2part epoxy on mine and still one of the 2 grandes I have blew the seal. And I let it cure for 2 days. So over do it. Just be sure your happy with it before you seal it up.
Anytime!, Check out my other tutorial on how to fix the cloudiness!
Looks like you got it Spence! You doing a refill on that bad boy?
What colors are you pondering?
It's not too bad. Just put the rubber seal in. Crimp (pretty much as best as you can) the metal cap back on. Overkill it with some duck tape. Done!

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