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I want to conduct an experiment.

Let's say a 52oz bottle normally would take about 15-18ml of surf. How much concentrated dawn clear dish soap would that equal? Should I try 5 or so ml or would sticking to the glass stick occur?

For some reason am think you would require less dish soap as opposed to surf as the surf I had from magma tower seemed quick thin compared to dish soap.

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epson salt no prob on that

I used blue Dawn in my Aristocrat and it made the flow really stringy. Baby shampoo made the flow more blobby. A mixture of both made the absolute perfect flow for me. I haven't tried it on any newer lamps so idk if the formula being different will change how this works. 

I got the clear store brand hand soap from CVS I think I put two teaspoons or was it two full pumps into my 52oz lamp. It seem to flow very well and still crystal clear for almost two months. I followed pretty much every thing Claude took me to do to the letter. 

I too have tried it with some success however since I am very finicky about my lamps I decided to Simply order some surf from magma Tower as I find it easier to work with and it's thinner so it doesn't go right to the bottom of the lamp and sit on the wax


This is what i bought and i used on 3 of my lamps.  Works perfectly..  Just premix with the liquid your using so it isnt concentrated on the wax from you pouring it on.  Claudejs soap i used it and if you pour it on the wax it eats it up like battery acid unless you premix it in water.  I also had to redo a grande like 3 times using that dollar stuff it kept eating the wax and making them cloud after a day or two.. so i dunno maybe i used it wrong but it didnt work for me

But this stuff is Pure SLS no other ingredients.   Works great for my 3 grandes i did..  I used exactly 50ml of it then mixed it with 1 gallon of distilled water poured it in the lamp and then poured a half gallon of distilled water in that container to mix it with whatever bubbles are in there and fill the lamp fully and make sure you get as much of the bubbles in the lamp as you can..

And this is how it flows with 50ml of pure sls.. no fragrance no glycerine, no radiator fluid (yes shampoos and soaps can use ethelyne glycol lol).   Its much easier to measure this then using a powder form of SLS as well, its just a tad expensive for 250ml at 10$.  But tbh 10$ is nothing and i like it being in liquid form

Good to know!!!

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