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Does anyone of you have any suggestions about this..

One of my lamps have a non stickable coil and im trying to clean it and putting in back in, but its still not stickable.. Is there a way i can test if the coil is stickable ?

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It will never stick to those coils.. I have no idea why.. I tried cleaning the one of them in different ways but nope.. No sticking..


No difference.  They all do the long snakey thing, and the blobs.  Just happened to be the moment I took the picture.
Da9L said:

Wile E. Coyote

Looks very nice.. Is there any difference in the green one compared to the others? The wax in that lamp looks more "balloonish" than the others if you know what i mean.. Which is the way i want it :)

Hey D, do you have a smaller coil? someone thing that would fit in between the bigger one? or maybe you can try to make one of those, smaller in diameter, like it came form a fireflow bottle. Or maybe a piece of screen?

Wile E. Coyote

I wasnt talking about the flow .. :) I meant the surface of the wax it self.. I dont really know how to explain it

Dr. WHAT?!

I've replaced the coil completely with a new one at that seems to have helped.. I also made a new liquid.. Unfortunately i didnt get to snap any pictures before i left for vacation.. When i get home thats the first thing i will do .. It seems that the wax is now sticking to the coil.. It looks great :)

I've fought with this problem a lot with my homemade coils for my homemade lamps. For me, it seemed to be that the wire gauge I was using to turn into coils was a little too thick. I've switched to a higher-gauge 316 stainless spring steel wire and they've all worked great so far.

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