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I noticed Mathmos were out of stock of the Green Fluidium, so I e-mailed them about it. They said it had been discontinued, but they had Yellow ones for sale. My guess would be when the Yellow ones have gone, that will be it.

I managed to get one from here:http://www.sweatband.com/mathmos-fluidium.html.


Hurry while stocks last.

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Does anyone have a nasty cheap looking opal they can let me have?

krissyfromswindon said:
i have to agree with you they do look cheap

wazzer said:
Hi, the fluidium was, in my opinion, the most ugly, poorly designed and cheap and nasty as hell looking lamp.
Good riddance I say.
Let's hope for new lamps, especially with the fiftieth anniversary coming up.
And let's get back to basics, metal and glass.
Plastic is soooooo cheap looking.
I bought a green one to make up my collection and I wished I'd never bothered.
Tacky, tacky, tacky.
One could never be proud of such a snot green monstrosity.
Discuss, lol......

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