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Ahh... I hadn't actually looked in the Pics thread, thanks for pointing that out. I can see now that the window is actually bigger on one side than the other, as the two metal rods aren't directly opposite each other.

I am gonna love this. I still just don't really have anywhere to put it haha!

doddy said:

I guess they are still in the process of getting them numbered. In the pictures thread though there is a yellow orange numbered 22. So really don't know. 

Anyway best of luck when you get yours. You are gonna love it. 

That is really weird, got mine last week and its number 19

perishingtardis said:

Glad to hear it has a great flow! I never had a Lunar but very happy to hear this flows beautifully.

It's strange that you've already got your lamp if it's not a numbered one. Did you order it on the first day it was released? I got an email from Mathmos telling me I got a numbered one, but it won't be posted until December. It's weird that they're sending out unnumbered ones before the numbered ones!

doddy said:

The flow is amazing. We were sat there transfixed just watching it last night. I could never get my Lunar to flow properly. I had a violet / red and a blue / green. The violet red would bubble now and again but the blue green would just column and never really do anything. This one snakes, columns, serpentine's, bubbles. Endless patterns and combinations. I am truly proud to have this amazing lamp. Must be something to do with the heating plate and linear halogen bulb. Next step new bottles! And maybe another one. 

As for the number question. No number, must have ordered too late boohoo! 

Anyone know where to find these for sale that will ship the US?

Wondering if these can be polished if they tarnish over time?

the lamp does not tarnish because it is chrome plated. A damp cloth is enough!

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