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Cannot wait to get mine. I've been dreaming of getting a Lunar type lamp for many years. Now I will get to realise my dream. Happy Christmas everyone. 

Finally! I'm getting one for Christmas!

The slimmer design than the Lunar is nice

I'm all over this!

Not quite as nice as the Lunar but still looks great.

Who is getting one? 

Me definitely, saving like crazy. Gonna order in the next few weeks. Violet Red I think. But also want a Blue Green bottle. 

Yikes that is nearly $500.  USD plus a transformer for the mains,  IF one could even get it shipped to the US

but it is a nice looking lamp.

take me hat off im impressed with it thou not the name sleak and sexy well done mathmos :-)

Love it!

Cant wait to see my Goolamp glitter bottles in it :-)

i was thinking the same marcel :-)

Marcel said:

Cant wait to see my Goolamp glitter bottles in it :-)

I really like the design. So much going to grab one of these. Just cant decide if i want the voilet/red combo or the yellow/orange. 

I have a yellow/orange combo of the astro, and that lamp lights the entire living room up! 

Just wished they had eidtions with black/copper base as i really dig those on the astro

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