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There are a couple new Colormax 17 inchers now at Spencer Gifts stores that I recently picked up titled- "Alien" & "Psychedelic" (love them). Anyway in the packaging was a flyer advertising some upcoming limited edition 17" models that would be Spencer's exclusives.  I asked around at a few of my Spencer's locations and they have no idea what I am talking about (I showed them the flyer), yet according to the flyer the first one was supposed to be released at the beginning of this month (8/1)...

Anybody know about this? Of course I would like to pick up all 4, but especially the "Galaxy" one.

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I bought the Love model off the Spencer’s website. I was in my local store recently and wasn’t impressed with the stock. They had the alien one on display but not in stock. My plan was to buy the alien model online but then I saw this. It will be my first Colormax lamp where the glass is painted. I’m excited. I haven’t bought a brand new lamp in over ten years.

Hopefully, it is okay when shipped and I don’t have to take it back.

I paid for all four back in October (needed Zombie for Halloween display)

Three were delivered

the "LOVE" was not released until Jan1

My Paypal Charge for it is still pending on my bank account

I imagine there is a delay in delivery

i was able to pick up all 4 of them at my local Spencer's stores as they have been released. This last one (Love- Kisses) just came into stock at the stores Tuesday this week and I picked one up yesterday. i kind of have a policy of only buying lamps from Spencer's at their physical stores. Number one reason being they more often than not arrive to me shaken and cloudy when I order online (I live in FL though so it's almost always hot here and new lamps seem to be more susceptible to this problem than used ones say from an eBay seller when they bounce around a hot delivery truck). 2nd reason being that I can use 20% coupons in the store (everytime I buy something in the store they ask for my email and I get another emailed coupon shortly after the transaction).

Katie - I hope yours arrives in good condition, but if not hopefully you can exchange at the store as they probably have just gotten some in this week.

Claude - I never knew there was ever an option to pre order them all at once, again the people at my Spencer's had no idea what I was talking about way back when these seemed to have been announced. But if you had to do that online then it likely wasn't an option for me anyway due to them always arriving to me ruined in shipping as I mentioned above. Still, I always watch the Spencer's  site for new lava products  before I go visit or call the stores to check what they have. I never saw an option to buy all four before they were actually released. The only one I ever saw offered for preorder was this last Kisses (Love) one that they listed on the site a while back.

It was on their site back I. December. I have no choice to get them but online. I live in middle of nowhere for now.

Packed and ready-to-move.
Galena / Dubuque or bust!

Next time I'm at my local store, I'll ask about these. I'm tired of smaller lamps, and would love to see some nice 17" models. Come on, Lava-- no more painted globes or odd bases. Do some classy finishes and colors.

Too bad we're not still in the late 90s; my local store was one of the test locations for new colors/products (though they nearly always sold out before I could get any).

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