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The New White Wax/ Black Liquid At Lava Lite...

I haven't seen it mentioned here so I have to ask: Has anyone seen this lamp on their site? It looks so cool and I really want it. It's the lousy 14.5" though so I'd be tempted to get two and just make a 52.

Any idea on how this color combo would actually look irl?

If anyone has one is it the typical cloudy mess?


Here's the link.  http://www.lavalamp.com/product/DKR-Hero/

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We have a member here who has one. We should ask him. :)

Can you settle a debate for us? Tinted liquid or is the globe itself tinted?

Egnix said:

I couldn't resist the white/black combo so I picked one up. :)  I don't care for the Batman base and will probably switch it with another.

I'm not a lava expert, but I'd say for a china lamp and for its size the flow is decent.  The lava still seems to like to form balls, but it might be a tad more active than my other china lamps. With the liquid being black, it is hard to tell if it is cloudy.   The lava is a little less opaque than my white/blue 90's Midnight.  Lava that is close to the bulb is nice and bright white and makes a great contrast to the black liquid.  Towards the top, the lava is a little less illuminated and a little greyish. 

Overall I'm happy with it knowing it's a China made lamp.  I'll try to post some pics and maybe even a video.

I didn't get the impression the glass is tinted.  I'll have to take a closer look tonight.

Dale was very quick to email me a photo saying the globe is not tinted.

Cool. I was hoping that was the answer. :)

ahhh this is what I wanted Eqnix to check when he got home, the fluid level check, but no need now. thanks Autumn and Dale. Well this is good at least because those rainbow globes were cheap and the color filmed would eventually fall off anyway. Whats the cap code for this?

All I remember of my cap code was that it had a date from this year on it and that it didn't have a production line letter.  I can post the full code this evening.

Glad its not tinted. Im going to pick one up but I hope spencers will have them. Its just very sad that the potential of this this color combo was harshly limited to this dinky size. In my opinion a 52oz globe with a black base and cap would be great or a 32oz resin with a halloweenish theme perhaps? Bring back the creativity that once thrived.

anymore pictures of it?

Oops.  Looks like I posted my pictures in the other thread.  You'll find 3 on this page and 3 more on the next page.

I just posted a video of this lamp too.

They do look pretty good in the videos. A nice 32 oz one would be so cool in the Grim Reaper base but I cant see spending $50+ in order to make the 32 and it potentially being cloudy and or crappy flowing. 

They had a good idea though with this color combo.

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