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The oldest "OPTIC LAMP MOD. ASTRO" RGB LED Mood Light Or Rainbow lighting conversion.-2


There is no fixing piece at the bottom. So I threaded.

I checked the PWM circuit, which I had previously done for another study, but not using.

The diameter of the hole where the spray is attached is almost the same as the diameter of the lens of the led.

However, the lens a bit loose. Adhesive tape is wrapped around it.

Now OK

It comes to the preparation of the 12 volts power supply. It was also made in the diode bridge circuit.

Later electronic circuit is drilled and cut for installation. Objective to preserve the originality of the lamp.

I don't know what it's called. Is cable protection correct?

Cable protection is installed in the hole where the cable comes out. (Original has no cable protection, installed for safety.)



All parts are installed in their places.

Even unused old ones are attached so that they can come back again.

First run

The camera cannot fully deliver the colors. It has been running for four hours. When it gets dark, I will cover it and install the spray.


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